Understanding the Vital Role of Due Diligence in Real Estate Transactions in Costa Rica

In the dynamic world of real estate transactions in Costa Rica, ensuring a smooth and legally sound process is essential for all parties involved. At Artem Legal Group, we recognize the importance of due diligence in safeguarding the interests of buyers, sellers, and investors. Our comprehensive due diligence process offers a thorough examination of properties, providing invaluable insights to facilitate informed decision-making.

Daniel Duartes

3/15/20242 min read

an aerial view of a city with mountains in the background
an aerial view of a city with mountains in the background

What is Due Diligence?

Before finalizing any real estate transaction, conducting due diligence is crucial. This process involves a comprehensive investigation and analysis of various aspects of the property to uncover any potential risks or issues. By delving into legal, financial, and environmental factors, due diligence helps mitigate risks and ensures transparency throughout the transaction.

Our Due Diligence Services

At Artem Legal Group, we offer a comprehensive suite of due diligence services tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our expert team conducts meticulous research and analysis to provide a detailed report covering the following key areas:

  1. Annotations and Encumbrances: We identify any existing annotations or encumbrances that may affect the property's title.

  2. Title Information: Our team verifies the property's title information to ensure its authenticity and legality.

  3. Environmental Status: We assess the environmental status of the property, including any potential environmental risks or limitations.

  4. Land Records and Title Historical Report: We provide a detailed historical report on the property's land records and title, offering insights into its ownership history.

  5. Municipal Regulatory Plan: We examine the municipal regulatory plan to understand any zoning regulations or restrictions applicable to the property.

  6. Municipal Limitations: We identify any limitations imposed by the municipality that may impact the property's use or development.

  7. Utilities Availability Assessment: Our assessment includes an evaluation of water and electricity availability to ensure adequate utility services for the property.

  8. Land Usage: We analyze the intended usage of the land and ensure compliance with local regulations and zoning laws.

  9. Survey Study: We conduct a survey study to verify property boundaries and assess any potential boundary disputes.

  10. Building Permits Status: If applicable, we review the status of building permits to confirm compliance with construction regulations.

  11. Corporation Status Report: For properties held under a corporation, we provide a report on the corporation's status and compliance.

  12. Current Owner's Right Over the Property: We verify the current owner's right to sell the property and identify any potential legal issues.

  13. Taxes and Public Services Status: We assess the property's tax status and ensure compliance with public service requirements.

Additional Services

While our standard due diligence process covers a wide range of essential factors, we also offer additional services upon request. These services may include land or property appraisal, survey creation, purchase agreement assistance, escrow services, municipality permit acquisition, possessory information retrieval, or handling civil litigations for non-titled properties. Our flexible approach allows us to cater to the specific needs of our clients and ensure a seamless transaction process.

In conclusion, for the complex landscape of real estate transactions in Costa Rica, due diligence is a critical step towards ensuring transparency, mitigating risks, and protecting the interests of all parties involved. At Artem Legal Group, our dedicated team is committed to providing comprehensive due diligence services that empower our clients to make informed decisions with confidence. Trust us to navigate the intricacies of real estate transactions and unlock the full potential of your investments.